Volunteer Data Scientists -- Please introduce yourself here

Hi, I am Manuel I have a M.Sc. in IT Systems Engineer. Here is my current Kaggle Notebook:


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Hi All,
I’m an Astrophysics PhD student at the IoA, Cambridge. I’ve worked on Poisson point processes and more generally on Hierarchical Bayesian models in a very different context. Not yet sure what I can provide to this but keen to help!
Python and SQL.

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I’m an Australian Based Data Scientist with 11 years experience as a Developer. Currently formalising my skills with a Masters.

I’m seeking a not-for-profit project that will help people at scale.

Data Science Languages

Python, R, SQL

Machine Learning

My areas of expertise include Natural Language Processing (NLP), computer vision, decision trees, algorithms, and recommendation systems


Mapping. Ie Google Maps integration for live maps

Big Data

I am well-versed in Big Data management, DevOps, Continuous Integration (CI) and cloud platforms


Continuous Integration, Dev Ops, Docker, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Nvidia Jetson Nano

Front-end Developer

React, JavaScript ES6, React Native
Chatbot and Voice Developer {Amazon Lex, Watson, Azure}

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Hi Everyone,

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the field of computational structural biology. I delevelop models to reconstruct structure and dynamics of biomolecules using molecuar modeling tools (e.g. Molecular dynamics). My expertise also includes structural bioinformatics and machine learning. I program in python.

Great initiative!

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Hi everyone,
I’m an infectious disease epidemiologist and an informaticist-in-training. I am proficient in SAS and can help with data wrangling, data visualization, text analytics, and statistical analysis.
Best wishes,

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Hi Everyone,

I am Bioinformatician turned Data Scientist. I have expertise in NGS, machine learning, data mining, statics, text mining and text analytics. I can help with data visualization, data wrangling. Strong skills in R and python.

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Hello!! My name is MICHELLE Namuyaba. I am a Master’s student in Bioinformatics at birkbeck university of London. I have NGS sequence analysis skills, whole exome sequence analysis,RNA seq analysis skills, Bash scripting, python and R, SQL. Willing to help in which ever way I can. Email me at mynamuyaba@gmail.com.

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Hi! I am a PhD student in Reinforcement Learning, with a focus on policy gradient and safety. My programming language of choice is python and I have some experience with tensorflow and pytorch

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Hi there
My name is Mercedes and I’m a trained bioinformatician. I haven’t worked in the field for a while but if there’s anything I can help in, either in simple programing /data science tasks I’ll be happy to help. Count me in for general or translation (ES/EN) task if necessary.

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I’m a retired Army civilian beginning the Machine Learning journey as a hobbyist researching transfer learning methods. Looking forward to working with everyone.



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I am Xi Chen ( Ph.D. ) I would like to contribute. I am a Bioinformatician, Machine Learning Engineer.

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Hi Everyone,
very great project!
I am Christian Wesp,
holding a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Frankfurt, Germany, and currently I am working as a lead data scientist in a strategy consulting company (EY Parthenon).

In my very last project I developed a scientific grade pandemic agent model with very high geospatial resolution to help the government evaluate and discuss the effectiveness of different measures (like lockdown, home-office, masks, school closings, …)

So I am very familiar with Monte Carlo simulations, Bayes data anlaysis, various machine learning algorithmus, development of custom AI software, optimization problems, genetic algorithms and other stuff.

My favorite Tools are Python and Dask (with the full data science stack) but also C/C++ and Spark. I also have some background in software and network engineering. Additionally, from my consulting job I have solid skills in Excel and creating management presentation, in case written communication is important.

In the next two months I am in parental leave - so looking forward to contribute :slight_smile:
Best, Christian

Hi, I’m a data science student from Cornell University and I’m based in New York. Frankly speaking, I’m not an expert compared to other people but I have very intense trainings in Python, SQL, Java and SQL. I really want to help so please let me know if there’s anything data science/analytics related that I can contribute!

Hello, My name is Daniel and I am a Graduate student in the school of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Missouri - St. Louis studying Data Science. I am by no means an expert but I have statistical analysis training in R and some in ArcGIS. I’m always expand my knowledge and learn new platforms. I would love the opportunity to contribute so please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

I have a PhD in Neurobiology with experience in data mining, analytics, visualization, feature engineering, and machine learning. I have worked with neural, textual, and kinematic data. Please let me know how I can help!

Hello, I’m a Quality Assurance Engineer / Business Analyst with proficiency in data visualisations and insights. Fundamental knowledge of analytics and machine learning. I hope I can contribute my time to flattening the curve with data.
Python | R | Tableau | SQL

Hi everyone!

My name is Olli Tiainen, Co-founder of Mattermore.io. We help form teams & partnerships for planetary health (covid, climate, biodiversity) - with focus on data-driven projects for COVID19 for now.

If you’re looking for projects to contribute, you can sign up at https://covid.mattermore.io, and we’ll notify you of new additions.


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Hello! I’m a postdoc in Germany, working in experimental Physics in Feie Universität Berlin. I did my PhD in physical chemistry. I have experience in spectroscopy and data analysis, modelling, c8mputation, data visualisation and representation. I’m not sure how I can help but will try my best!

Firstly, I am delighted to have found this website. I will definitely share this to others!

I have an Associates Degree in Computer Programming. Although I can code, I primarily work with database management and analysis. I have been tackling the data that comes from my states EpiTrax surveillance system and filtering out the many quirks from Epi’s frustratingly slow database.
(To clarify, I am not working on the EpiTrax system itself, I am merely pulling data from the EpiTrax system.)

I have also been using Tableau Public to create data visualizations for our county covid-19 cases.

If you’re familiar with EpiTrax or need some tips (or share ideas), feel free to reach out!