Today's chance of Infection

For our IT senior project, my team and I are working on a web app that calculates the the probability of getting infected on that day. We aren’t math/science guys so we don’t know where to start or what to google. This project is more about deploying the infrastructure for the web app, providing documentation, designing the site, and implementing code that will fetch the data from multiple databases and merge them into one.

All we want to do is to say:

“The probability of getting infected today given close contact with individuals is x%”

How do we calculate that?

To be honest, it is not OK what you are trying to do, even if you
manage to avoid medical advisory laws applying to you,
which have quite hefty fines.

It depends on how many individuals you meet, how close and lon the contact is,
how many people of those are infected (very different by location and many other factors),
how these people spread (super spreaders etc.), how your own health condition (including
medication and e.g. alcohol), etc.

So do you really want to tell an old man that the chance is 1%, because based on other’s
data on the state level the numbers are so low, but maybe there is a whole different story
in his friends circle?

So if anything, enable the local health governmental organizations with your technology.
They at least have the law behind them.

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