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I’m searching for a covid-19 related source of image data. E.g. publications with supplemental material. Has anyone found something like this? I only found small databases and individual images

X-Ray / Computed tomography (screenshots)]

Electron microscopy




Here is another CT dataset related to COVID19 patients:
looking inside, you notice that is super unorganized and yields png images of about 220x150 pixels. But it can be a start.

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Data for Lamers et al. showing SARS-CoV-2 in intestinal organoids now available in the the IDR.


The dataset is available as idr0083. For close up views of the viruses, see:

along with the other ROIs.

The 2 30GB images have also been converted to Zarr with bioformats2raw and are available via public S3 thanks to EMBL-EBI at:

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 10.29.24

with the layout as specified in :

    ├── .zgroup               # Each image is a Zarr group with multscale metadata.
    └── 0                     # Each multiscale level is stored as a separate Zarr array.
        ├── .zarray           #
        ├──         # Chunks are stored with the flat directory layout.
        └── t.c.z.y.x         # All image arrays are 5-dimensional
                              # with dimension order (t, c, z, y, x).

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