SCRUB project seeking support with data analysis

Hi everyone - thank you all for your efforts in helping.

I am one of the team involved in an open science research collaboration creating an international and continuously-updated dataset to help government and public health officials make better decisions to tackle Covid-19. The current working title is Survey of Covid-19 Responses to Understand Behaviour (SCRUB). Here is some recent media coverage that the project has received.

The project involves conducting and reporting on a “living survey” – with both repeated cross-sectional and longitudinal sampling – to track behaviour and its determinants over time. The survey is modelled on the COSMO project, a WHO/Europe initiative, but also includes additional behavioural components. Each time the survey is updated with new data, we will generate an updated report about the prevalence of protective behaviours, their most important drivers or barriers, a break-down by key demographics, and trends over time. We will also test the effectiveness of different interventions to encourage relevant behaviours.

We are collaborating with similar global surveys to share data and resources, minimise redundant data collection and encourage and aid ongoing, rather than retrospective, reporting. We are sharing all data and materials and happy to partner with groups and institutions doing similar work.

We recently finished collecting the first wave of data: Here is a list of preliminary reports based on Australian data (some may need to be opened in your browser). You can also see our initial dashboard here These are only a few of the analyses/outputs that are possible - we have not fully analysed all of the data as we haven’t had time.

We are collecting a second wave of Australian data today. We also have teams collecting (e.g., Brazil) or preparing (e.g., Saudi Arabia) to collect data in several countries.

I am posting here to seek help with our data management and reporting, which is all done in R. If anyone would like to be involved, then please join here. You will be added to our database and get our updates - including mentioned of where we need help with new analyses.

We are meeting with the WHO Asia pacific team and have country teams active in places like India and Peru. It is quite possible that we will soon have an an impact in these and other countries. Of course, it is also possible that we will end up having a smaller (i.e., mainly Australian), or less immediate impact. Either way, it would be great to be connected so that we can work together as opportunities emerge and you can always choose to focus your time on a better project if one appears. Please email peter.slattery[at] if you have questions.

Thanks for the info! Loos like an interesting project.

Volunteers that mentioned explicit Shiny/ggplot2 knowledge are e.g. @tom, @nkurzawa, @Chalkie666 . Maybe one of you could help them?

Some other volunteers with R (& data vis) knowledge are e.g. @kupadhyay, @Ceyda_Pekmez, @glan, @Peter_Slattery , @batu, @bram, @Phil, @dtavernari, @devika_agarwal. Is one of you interested in helping the project?

@Peter_Slattery If you have a specific list of tasks that need help I can see what I could help with. I’m not familiar with the specific kind of plot used in the dashboard you linked to or how the stats work in this case but I can see from the shiny code. Looks like the dashboard plots work fine. Do you just need to wrangle more data into them?

Hi Peter, thanks Manuel for the mention.
I do indeed code in R and use ggplot2 on a daily basis. I am not as much knowledgeable with Shiny but I guess it wouldn’t be too difficult to catch up with that. I am going to fill in the Google form and see how I could contribute!
Great job.

Hi Peter

Thanks Manuel for the mention.
I code in R and have used library like ggplot2. I have attended few tutorial of Shiny but haven’t worked with it. But it should not be much difficult to get acquainted. I have filled up Google form and let me know how I can contribute!!

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to help. I have quite a bit of experience with r and shiny. I’m currently on parental leave so my time is limited.

Ive coded several production rate shiny apps. The only part i might need help with is setting up a reverse proxy.