Request for Help: Video Consultation Hour

Translation of this post, which is part of this call for help:

1. Plan and deploy a quick-to-implement video consultation solution

  • Selection of suitable software and devices
  • Deployment and configuration
  • User guide
  • Example SOP describing video consultation hours
  • Patient consent

A simple in-browser solution to chat with people is
If you add any room name after it, you will just end up in there. For example: will bring you to a spontaneously created room called ‘dataagainstcovid’. V
Is this helpful in order to video chat with people quick and easy?

Hope this helps,


Does the deployment need to be in person for elderly citizens who are unable to set things up on their own? If so, is there a Helferliste?

cc: @fred.hamprecht who might know more.

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In case privacy constraints need to be taken into account Jitsi might be an alternative that can be run on private servers. But I have know prior experience with it, so we would need to look closer into how it works/usable it is for this problem.

There are already a few existing solutions specifically geared towards medical applications (based and active in Germany):

I know no more than I posted.
My assumption is that in the first instance, no in-person deployment is needed; just a simple setup and instructions for MDs on the one side and patients with a phone and / or computer on the other.

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there is also specifically build for medical doctors which works from the browser for both patient and doctor.

(Disclaimer/conflict of interest statement: i work for a company associated with CGM but have neither worked on nor know any details about this product)

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Great suggestion!
@Sven – if you have not tried it yet, could you do so? And: do you know someone who could be spokesperson for this topic; someone who surveys existing tools and can be first point of contact for the DZFI?

I can see if I can manage to get a test account. The documentation on the website (including a step by step tutorial with screenshots) looks pretty good though.

I might be able to organize a first point of contact from cgm but I don’t know anyone who could survey other tools as well.

Great, thanks! Please let us know what you have found out.

Just tried it - it works surprisingly well from a patient’s perspective. The doctor’s interface is web based as well and allows to schedule consultations.
The patient then gets a link via text message that directly opens the video consultation inside the browser. Worked without any issues on both my iPhone and my Linux laptop.

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DZIF asks for the following information:

  • Organisation
  • Geplante / bestehende Aktivität
  • Projektstatus und Frist
  • Ansprechpartner*in

Could you get in touch with CGM and find out if they are ready to take the lead here, and if we should provide their details (which?) to DZIF?

Thank you!

P.S. They publish many phone numbers. Probably best to use these, and get escalated to boss immediately.

I can take the lead on this with the above mentioned disclaimer / conflict of interest statement. I will send an email to @fred.hamprecht with contact details