Request for Help: Resources for production of scarce hospital equipment via 3D printing and the likes

This post calls for development of resources for production of scarce hospital equipment via 3D printing / milling / etc.

Possible items for development include:

  • Face shields
  • FFP2 masks
  • Ventilators
  • Protective gowns
  • Ventilation systems

Another task would be to look for existing 3D printer templates and guides for production.

@manuel.haussmann and I will be reaching out to some 3D printing experts.

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Awesome, let’s use this post to coordinate.

also (duplicated from another post)


Folks over at MIT are set to release STL files for their E-Vent. The (imho simple but elegant) idea is to automate the squeezing of an ambu-bag. I’ll update when the files are out.

Organisation GmbH Geplante / bestehende Aktivität

3D-Druck (FDM) / 3D-Design Es stehen mindestens 30 Stück 3D-Drucker (90% PLA, 10% andere Materialien) bereit. Diverse 3D-Designer zur Erstelltung / Optmierung von Objekten stehen bereit und erforschen gerade Möglichkeiten in “masken / Beatmungsgeräte” Projektstatus Warten auf geforderte Objekte, Vorbereitung zur “Massenproduktion” Ansprechpartner*in

Jan Northoff Tel: +49 178 3406527

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Hi, we are running an initiative in Cambridge to develop an open source ventilator that is not based on an ambu bag design.

We have formed a somewhat informal steering group at this stage to develop an open source robust and simple to use minimal viable pandemic ventilator which can stand alone for the whole intensive care unit (ICU) journey, that can be built quickly from in-country materials with moderate technical expertise. The primary aim is for this system to be open, readily accessible, affordable, easy to assemble and maintain and to be able to operate in conditions suitable for deployment in lower and middle income countries (LMIC). We are co-developing the design with ICU and maker-space colleagues in Uganda, Nairobi, Ethiopia and Tanzania right now. This is a completely open initiative with others welcome to join. We are happy to reach out as we build up our infrastructure how best to do this - it’s a community effort across Cambridge with PIs, postdocs, students and technical staff from the University as well as partners from Addenbrooke’s and the private sector. This is a not-for-profit endeavour and we aim to realise our aspirations to make a difference to help with the Covid-19 crisis. However, we have learnt a lot in the past 10 days since we started talking to one another and it is clear that affordable ventilators are lacking in LMIC in the best of times and we are keen to pursue this project beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. Our aim is to come up with an open source ventilator design that is as versatile and rugged as the legendary Toyota pick-up truck.

Please do get in touch if you want to get involved and please be patient for us in getting ourselves organised - we are very excited to get this off the ground but we still need to work out some key aspects of our infrastructure before we are able to move at full speed.

Best wishes,

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Fantastic, thanks Axel!
Do you have an online forum you can point readers to? If not, feel free to make yourself at home here if you like. We can always create new categories.

Thanks for having us here. For now I’m afraid we are still developing our processes to communicate internally effectively but we hope to have something soon. Please get in touch over here for the time being and I can send updates and links in due course.

Representatives of : can you please connect with @YOUin3D to coordinate your efforts? Thank you!

Hello! There is a active Telegram Chat with several maker/hackers and hand picked resources here:

Please join the chat (works on computer also) It should fit together quite well.

@SandyEngelhardt writes: (Thanks, Sandy, great contribution:)

Hi everyone,

I am part of the platform. We try to coordinate 3D printing efforts around Germany. As a proof of concept, we currently print 200 self-designed faceshields in the area of Heidelberg within <36 h due to a request from Heidelberg University Hospital, which urgendly requires novel equipment. We are supported by local makerspaces and fablabs and private households.
We currently also look into the design and production of tubeholders, door openers and flowmeters.

Similar platform activities:

Large facebook group of engineers:

Feel free to get in touch with us and, above all, stay healthy!


Here is a huge list of German makerspaces and what they are currently producing/offering:

for which location and country is this required. I am specifically referring to

  • Face shields
  • FFP2 masks
  • Protective gowns

Not sure if I get your question correctly, but currently there should be demand for these ressources in most countries.

Yes but there are solutions to disinfect current PPE rather than making lots more.

search batelle.