Request for Help: Home Surveillance of Patients

Translation of this post, which is part of this call for help:

4. Plan and produce a rapidly deployable solution for patient home monitoring when supplies are running low

  • Patient reported outcomes
  • Temperature, SO2 and pulse monitoring
  • Alerting in case of abnormalities

There are a few different and popular mobile apps that support self-monitoring of temperature, etc. and offer csv or pdf export of these values.

Is that what they want or do they need something where the doctor is capable of accessing this information remotely/automatically?

This seems rather relevant:

(cc @fred.hamprecht & @hannesbend)

Would you like to help us?

We are forming the tech and HCP (health care practitioner) teams now, and starting our roadmap.

We are about 70 engineers, data scientists, HCP and researchers from all over the world.

Thank you,


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Thanks @nasim.rahaman @hannesbend
I have passed on Hannes’ initiative to and have reported Hannes as spokesperson.

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Thank you very much, Fred!

I am a US immigrant but still am a German citizen.

If there are any resources available in the EU, please keep me posted. We can develop this - and are already doing so - from anywhere. Currently we are almost a group of almost 80 professionals.


I think no one cares where in the world the work is happening, or what citizenship is involved, as long as it happens.

One of the good things about the current situation :slight_smile:

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Thank you, yes.

Please send anything along to our global team of almost 80 now.

It would help us fast track the process.