Request for Help: Building a data visualisation dashboard

Moderator note: This request was received via our Google Form. If you have questions for the asker, please feel free to ask in the comments and we will mediate.

Easily filterable site for looking at covid cases/deaths/tests per capita with dynamic epic curves, as you filter. Option to filter at the Country, State, and County level.

First source:

(sometimes they lag, but their csvs are located here)

This source doesn’t tend to lag much:

Still havent found a good source to provide CSVs for testing.

While CSSE has done this in a way, it’s not the most user friendly and you can’t filter graphs and data easily by state, country, and county. I have done a bit of this myself, but I’m not savvy in website publication.

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For the pythonistas, I think it might be possible to put something together with streamlit. But perhaps there are other options, e.g. plotly. If you want to take the lead, I’d be willing to lend a hand!

For the non-pythonistas, please feel free to make suggestions. :slight_smile:

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I probably won’t have any time to contribute in the next two weeks or so but I’ve used plotly before and can generally recommend it.
It has a few rough edges the moment you want to do something uncommon but it’s great for rapid prototyping and for interactive dashboards.

Given the small size of the time series data this could probably even be done with plotly.js completely in the browser without any kind of backend.

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This website collects interactive dashboards that might help with inspiration/code/volunteers.

If one of our R programmers has shiny knowledge that can also be used to quickly generate nice dashboards that hide the details from the user. (My R is somewhat rusty currently, but I can offer some help, if needed.)


Hi. I made a very simple interactive visualization with Hopskins data. Maybe it is useful.


That seems very helpful!

Hi @Guidolo. This looks very nice indeed, thank you!

On behalf of the requester, we’d like to ask whether it would be possible to include the number of deaths and recovered cases? I believe it’s already in the JHU data: e.g. here and here.

Thanks again! :blush:

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Hi @Guidolo , I’ve used streamlit before and I can help if you need assistance. :slight_smile:

Hi @DataAgainstCovidTeam.
Just to check if we are in the same page, in the left side of the page there are an options box, with the information you want to plot. Death and Recoveries are two of them. Besides, the graph allows you to move through the lines to explore the exact number.
Let me know if this info is enought or if you have a diferent idea in your mind.
Kindly regards.

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Hi @nasim.rahaman.
Thank you for the help. Sure!!! I´ll let you know if they request me to much changes or addings. I have limited time to work in this project.

Kindly regards

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Hi @Guidolo, thank you for the pointers! I have forwarded this to the requester.

Would this API help process the CSSE data? I thought it might be relevant, but I don’t know much about the topic.


Hi @Guidolo, I quote the asker:

Ah I see the toggle to reveal the left side adjuster. It was hidden before. This is dope!

Thanks! :blush: