Organize data science volunteers by specialty -- use tags?

With order of 100 volunteers, we can still keep track of who can do what. If the number grows further, we may need a different way.

For instance, if a sequence-related task comes in, it would be nice to send a heads-up to the sequence-knowledgeable people.

Shall we create tags that people can attach to their profile? Any other suggestions?

I don’t know if tags can be applied to users. But discourse-groups seem to be going in this direction. They can be notified via @group-name if this option gets enabled.

As far as I understand it, topics should be posted inside the most fitting category and tags can be useful to filter them further in cases where it doesn’t make sense to create additional categories e.g. same category but different languages.

Could you perhaps work out a solution with @nkpatel?
Maybe you can recruit help from someone in bioinformatics.
A possible approach could be: start with three tags (such as sequence analysis, image analysis, visualization); everyone that does not fit in there: create a new tag, iterate.