Offering Software (&Resources) To Visualize Multi-Dimensional Data

Hi. I am offering to make my company’s 3d / multi-dimensional data visualization software (and resources) available to support COVID-19 research. Our software is unique - and you can see how by looking at some visualizations we have done re: COVID-19 data below. We would like to get involved and help…so please reach out if there is interest.

Washington DC View:

[Global View]

Our software is unique in that it allows you to:

  • Visualize n-dimensions of data about an entity in a 3d environment (geospatial + z dimension OR x/y/z) – and
    • Simultaneously compare and contrast multiple entities at within that environment
  • Said more simply:Our software allow users to see more data at one time, so that patterns, trends, anomalies pop out.

Our Software in Use:

  • A Medical Researcher from Duke Medical discovered a “potentially lifesaving insight” in data that she had previously analyzed (and published) using traditional data analytics
  • Professors at The University of Notre Dame and John Carroll University (JCU) have used our software as part of their data science curriculum
  • During in-class exercises at JCU, students (with no prior experience with SynGlyphX) answered questions 2x as fast as using traditional data presentation tools
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