Number of deaths per age group per country?

Hi all,

we are using the number of COVID-related deaths per age group (available for some countries) to estimate the number of total COVID infections, see
under the point “Estimated number of total cases”. It is a simple idea and all details are described in the pdf linked on the website.

Does anyone happen to know a data source that provides the following data: {deaths per age group per country} or {deaths per age group per country per day}?

(We only found this for very few countries.)
Many thanks and stay safe!


Hi @JonasP, I don’t remember seeing a dataset containing {deaths per age group per day} information about all countries, but a few.

I’ve seen it for Germany, Canada and South Korea. It also seems like there could be data for France, but I’m not certain.

We’ll keep you posted if we do run across more datasets.

Hello !

This dataset on Kaggle appears to me to be what you are looking for - the maintainer states the sources in the Acknowledgements section.

It includes age group, and it seems to be the more complete one available at the moment.

Let me know if this helps.

Also, I feel like you might be doing something similar to this team located at Basel ( ) ?

Just want to add that I posted a processed version of the aforementioned Germany data on Kaggle, which also includes total population estimates for each age group:

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