Multi-Language Support

The main language of the forum is English. But I can imagine that not every potential user is fluent/comfortable enough to ask a question in English. I would suggest that a question can be asked in any language and then the moderators will make sure that someone speaking this language can translate the problem into English. The solution should again be posted in English and be translated back to the language in which the question was asked.

Enabling language moderation could either be done via tagging, which requires the moderators to know who speaks what. Or language tags get introduced, which will make it more self-driving. Since every user can filter according to tags.

And while I am writing this the first post is made about this topic: Translation between Spanish and English of COVID-19 problems and replies


I think tagging is the way to go. This way people will feel confident to post their questions in their own language and the language moderators can keep track of those post easier and translate post in place.

This would be my proposal.

  • There is a landing page for each language, of course, written in such language and specifying the main procedure to post their data/problems, and pointing out some examples of the post in such language. This page should somehow mirror the site guidelines written in English. The landing page should have the title formatted as [<language_keyword>] Contribution guidelines, where language_keyword corresponds the ISO abbreviation for the language in question (e.g. ES, DE, FR, etc) as an equivalent phrase for Contribution guidelines in the language in question. For example: [ES] Pautas de contribución.

  • The post is written by the user in their own language in the section they consider best suited for it and tagging it with the specified language.

  • Language moderators translate as soon as possible the title to English following the format: [<language_keyword>] <engilsh_title>. And move the post from section if necessary.

  • Language moderators edit the main post to add the translated version of the problem following the format:


    If not possible, translation is added in a reply.