Looking for people to join the HELP modelling effort

Hi guys, I know a lot of COVID projects have started to wind down as Europe manages to get on top of the pandemic, but there are lots of places around the globe that are still seriously affected - and will be for some time.

We are a group of volunteers that are modelling the health and economic impact of different lockdown exit strategies (non-commercial). We are working with the Como Consortium of 47 countries and our disease model is in the CDC ensemble (work is actually being done!). The aim is to help countries find lockdown exit strategies that save lives and the economy, not just lives or the economy.

We’re looking for experienced data scientists to join our team and help build out the next version of our model. You’ll be working on our great team that includes developers, data scientists and founders from Google/Microsoft/Goldman Sachs.

You can see our website with updates and more details here: https://help-corona.org/

Our Github repo with our v0 code can be found here: https://github.com/Auquan/help_project/

We are working in two-week sprints but this is an ongoing program.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Dear @Machine-Learners, maybe some of you are interested in contributing here.

Hello, I am interested in participating in this effort, How can I get involved?

Hi Shanez,

Please fill in this form and I’ll drop you an email.


Hi David!

My name is Olli Tiainen, Co-founder of Mattermore.io. We help form teams & partnerships for planetary health - with focus on data-driven projects for COVID19.

If you share this project and matters you need help with at https://covid.mattermore.io, we will share it forward to a bunch of different ML/Data Science communities and https://twitter.com/MattermoreHQ.


Hi Olli,

I’ve done that here: https://covid.mattermore.io/projects/TWF0dGVyOjk3

Let me know if you need anything else

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Fantastic. One more thing. I’d recommend you to add a project description (you could copy paste the one from this thread) to make it more attractive.

We’ll take care of the rest :slight_smile: