Looking for COVID-19 data about vulnerable populations

Nice to e-meet you. I am actually helping Médecins Sans Frontière (humanitarian NGO) to find relevant datasets or resources to organize its action related to COVID-19. Actually, we are trying to idenitify vulnerable populations needs (low-income, homeless, etc.). We are looking for high granularity information (ex: information by city-districts, not by provinces or States). I was wondering if you knew about datasets from where we could extract informations about vulnerable populations (mainly about where they are) and about their needs related to COVID-19. We are actually looking for informations related to the countries actually affected like Canada, USA or European countries, but also about countries in Africa or South America. (this first part is more urgent)
Also, I am wondering if you have heard about any digital humanitarianism initiative like information crowdsourcing platforms, real-time crisismapping or Who’s doieng what and where about the COVID-19 by countries. (this second part is less urgent)

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Hello :slight_smile:

For my city (Montreal, Qc) there have been efforts (summarized in this CBC article related to testing and sheltering.

Regarding actual data, there have been efforts to do a census in the last few years ( last edition being : https://icountmtl2018.ca/ )

I was able to locate a really granular map of where they planned to do the original I count 2015 census, in the Metro newspaper.

Let me know if this helps - I will try to find relevant information for other cities/countries.


Thank you @zedv. We forwarded your message :slight_smile:

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Hello again,

For the US, for both datasets and actual crisismapping, here is what I found so far…

Let me know if this helps, as it will help me adjust my answers - e.g. is county granular enough? :slight_smile:


For South Africa these kinds of data are collected in the National Census, but these and other useful data have been aggregated by the South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas (SARVA) http://app01.saeon.ac.za/sarva3/

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Thank you Zedv and jslingsby! I am transfering information and coming back to you with more questions if necessary.

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Thank you very much @zedv and @jslingsby. We forwarded your answers.

For your second point, there is this crowdsourcing platform for Canada (it was in the news today in Montreal) : https://fr.flatten.ca/

Apparently Hinton (of deep learning fame) is in the team, according to the website.

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Hello again !

For the second part: a few crowdsourcing initiatives are taking place elsewhere, like this one called Cotect.

I got in touch with the people behind this Airtable of global initiatives related to COVID - we are working on making this database useful to the many. I am working on elaborating call for actions - get in touch if you think it would help you.

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