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Worldometer stats and graphs

WHO Covid-19 Publications Dataset

Crowdfight initiative, the aim is more broadly directed at life science researchers I think, but they also manage data science tasks.


Not sure if this is the right place to drop this, but the John Hopkins data that is used for most dashboards can be accessed here:

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Covid Open Source Help Desk; “a fast-track “stack-overflow” where you can get answers from the very people who rot the software that you use” .
Signees include a lot of big names in open source; especially python scientific stack.

Hi - I’m working with a team of tech/ public health/ international development specialists on this tool for public covid19-symptom tracking. More details can be found through the twitter account (and website), but they’re keen that the data can be as useful to as many organisations as possible, so let us know if those on this forum have specific needs. Thanks.

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This page including sequences of outbreak isolates and records relating to coronavirus biology.

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Hi @amypeace,

thanks a lot for your post, I already filled out the tracking form!

I have one question though: in what way can I update my information once my status changes? How do you ‘update’ all the information given to you? Is there a document describing this process, or could you describe it here in brief words?

Thanks a lot,

Hi Florian,

“Users can submit additional reports as their situation changes. We use cookies to tie your reports together. This works a large proportion of the time - we have plans in place to improve the linking of reports.”

Best wishes - Amy

We just submitted a paper on arxiv about using AI/ML against COVID-19: (it will be live tomorrow, I believe)

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is another effort for open hardware (face shields, respirators) and open software. Not primarily data science focused but could include data science. Links to Github pages from their main page.
This has been featured on the front page of the NY Times website so will probably get some traction.

Compute: Lots of compute power provided by a consortium here:

Many companies offer their services for free,

I just found (via instagram ads, might be worth if we are looking new ways of outreaching), an hackathon style initiative that will take place this weekend. They have a very complete list of resources too. ** Update The initiative was already mentioned outside of this thread .

Didactic experiment to Learn R with COVID data from ECDC (The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control) and “Protezione Civile” for the Italian case: