Life Scientists – Please introduce yourself here

Let us know who you are and what your specialty is. Are you a virologist or a molecular biologist? Do you work with animal models or human samples? Are you also a microscopist or more of a chemist? I’m sure people will have questions that you can help answer…

Thanks for volunteering to help us… together we are strong!


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I am Sharif, an evolutionary biologist. I am volunteering to help out in anyway possible.


I am Valentyna, a molecular biologist. Could possibly answer questions about molecular/cellular mechanisms of the disease.

I’m probably slightly unusual in that, as we all being a BioImage Analyst, I’ve also done “wet work” involving viruses.

Hi! I am Giada, a PhD student in biophysics from the Metabolic Imaging Group in Rome. I work with different cells (mainly from rat or mice) but also with human red blood cells. I use fluorescence microscopy techniques to study lipid and glucose metabolism in living systems.
I usually follow both the experimental part, from cell culture to sample preparation and imaging, and the subsequent bioimage analysis step, dealing with the development of machine learning-based methods to get biological information from microscopy images.

Hope to be helpful in anyway I can.


Hello, I’m Nicholas Webb, I’m an HIV biologist/virologist. I just finished a postdoc and relocated to the east coast.

I’ve got 10+ years experience with BSL2+, HIV, primary cell culture, medical waste management and with basic microbiology techniques.

I’d like to help in any way I can!


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PhD in molecular biology here.

PhD in Anatomy and Neurobiology. Cellular and molecular neuroscientist specializing in neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration. Strong skills in microscopy (EM/Confocal/Brightfield), but also familiar with biochemistry techniques like PCR/qRT PCR, western blots, ELISA. I have primarily worked with mouse models, but I am transitioning to cell culture and human tissue work. Willing to help in any way I can!

Hi I am Ece, biologist with both bioinformatics and wetlab background. I am happy to help.

Hi I am Zeynep Atak, a Molecular Biologist-Research Fellow- at BUMC, department of Anatomy and Neurobiology. I would like to help in anyway I can especially in wetlands!

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