Legally Minded People – Please introduce yourself here

You are a lawyer? You have experience with data sharing/ GDPR/ national regulations? Let us know who you are and what your strength is… I’m sure we will be happy to be able to ask you questions about how we can avoid any trouble.

Thanks for you help,

Hello there,
besides offering my help when it comes to data and analysis, I want to offer my help here as well.

Like I already mentioned in the other thread, I study also law. I am nearly finished with my studies on a diploma program (at the university of Graz) - only my diploma thesis is missing in order to graduate.

I specialized in business law fields like bankruptcy or corporate law, but nevertheless I am literate in all fields of law. Since I come from Austria I am well familiar with european law as well.

As I am enrolled in two universities right now, I possess access to various academic portals and data bases. Temporarely I possess access to two very exclusive ones (the access to them is free for law students in this time of crisis) via my home university.

I would be very happy to help in any way I can.