Join Forces with

We seem to have many volunteers eager to help (thanks everyone who signed up!), but haven’t received a lot of requests and/or datasets to work on yet.

At the same time, our friends over at seem to have more requests than they can handle (the submission form had to shut down for the past two days due to too many requests pouring in).

This is just to let you know that I reached out to encourage them to submit requests here.

Let’s use this thread to discuss how we can further join forces with


I did try and invite crowdfighters for a video call on Monday, but friends at crowdfight did not have time; I suggested another attempt on Wednesday, no reply yet.

Great, thanks a lot! I also pointed them to this thread, hopefully we can get in contact soon.

I very much agree with you @funkey, it would be great to load-balance between existing platforms.
As Fred said, we are actively trying to get in contact with people of
I think it would help already if they point people to us (at least during times where they have to shut down their page for new requests).
All efforts should be centered around providing help fast, and I would be happy to even join our effort into theirs if that would be increasing the amount of work we can get done in total.

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