I have a data set of > 5k scientists and resources that can support testing

Looking to make it more usable to public health officials, policy makers and governors.

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Here is a start, it is a link to your database in a format where you can filter by many of the categories you have. Use the dropdown menus to filter.

The issue is that I think Google Sheets requires you to have editing rights to use the menus, so people may accidentally alter the sheet. Anyone can feel free to improve.

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wow! that is a huge improvement! in theory if we made thechanges to the master doc would the view only docs be temporary ?

I have simply copy-pasted the data from your master document into a hidden sheet in the spreadsheet I linked to. You can add any data you want to that hidden sheet in the same format as before and the filters will still work.

What about making it dynamic? our current doc strips ppi from responses and lands on that page for wide sharing but we get new resources frequently.

wanna jump on a zoom call to talk about this?

Sure thing - I can chat as long as the baby stays asleep.
Are you going to send a link?

Nope, she’s up already, haha.
If you want to set up a zoom we can schedule it out of this thread. You can reach me at zdanzige[at]fiu[dot]edu

join my room anytime

Hi Kevin,

You got any need for overview maps like this one? Interactive maps with zip code level pins would also be an option.



That map is awesome. is it possible to make it dynamic?

@azipf More precise addresses than state-level are available upon request; perhaps you could make a visualization that preserves anonymity, but is more detailed than the state-level map seen so far.

I just see that @headsortails is already proposing more detailed mapping.

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Yes, there are several ways to add interactivity to these kind of maps. I just had an idea for an interactive view that might even be more useful for you, below is a screenshot. I don’t seem to be able to attach the actual interactive file here, which is an HTML page so here is a dropbox link:

You would download this file, then open it in a browser. The map is fully interactive and you can click on the markers to get some info for each zip code. The categories on the top right show only markers that have at least 1 scientist with these properties.

Let me know what kind of information is most important for you and we can make the map better.


@fred.hamprecht nice timing :slight_smile:

That map looks cool. great job. The target audience is governors and state health officials. Having a map with more than 1 filter would be huge. example is governor wants to know "who in my state has qpcr skills, bsl2 clearance and extra rna extraction kits " and have that show up on a map so they can get that non clinical testing capacity online.

Hi Kevin,

Let’s focus on geospatial resolution, filters, and additional information:

  1. Are the zip-code-level markers useful? Or would a state-level map be better? I can also add the state name to the popup you see when clicking on a marker.

  2. There are currently 3 filters: qPCR experience, RNA extraction experience, and BSL2 authorization. You can switch between them using the widget in the upper right corner. The popup still shows the counts for all 3 categories, but the markers shown are only those where there’s at least 1 person for the selected category.

  3. We can add additional filter categories to the list of filters; e.g. “RNA extraction kits you are willing to donate”. There’s no real limit on the number of categories, so just let me know what is useful.

  4. It’s possible for the popup markers to contain a weblink that can be used to contact the scientists directly. The architecture experience for this back-end is beyond what I can do, but maybe some else could help.

could make a heat map like this with just number of respondents total? national governors association wants to see how big database is in each state

I think by zip code are really useful. i love the html. Now that i know how to use it I think it is shareable to health officials

Are you up for a quick zoom chat? The maps you build are really great.

Can do. I’m building your map for total number of respondents right now; give me 5 min to finish that.

I also don’t have a zoom account on this machine, but google hangouts should work.