How to find out which businesses are still up and running in Germany?

Dear all,

I am wondering how one could find out which businesses are still up and running in Germany. I was thinking of satellite images to evaluate for example car/people movement and lightening in office buildings. I was thinking similar to this:

Any ideas how to approach this/ where get valuable data? Suggestions are much appreciated !!


I know a few specialised startups that offer geo services (Descartes Labs, Orbital Insights), but I’d be surprised if they could offer “live feeds”.

Also, if this is law enforcement related, one could assume they have access to government resources.

Another possibility would be that people can just report on the status of shops.
Funny enough… google should know how many of us walk to and from certain places that are known to google maps to be shops. Is there any way to get hold of such data?

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Google Maps works surprisingly well for this since they offer you to correct opening/closing times. For popular places they will usually have up to date information after a few days.

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