Hospital Procurement - A Crisis Resource Sharing Platform

My name is Rufus, I’m reaching out to you as cofounder of COVWEB – a crisis resource sharing platform.

The Problem:
Many hospitals have been operating under a huge amount of strain lately and current procurement channels are unoptimized for the crisis.

Our Solution:
We designed a resource sharing platform, exclusive to the COVID-19 crisis that tracks inventories and creates rapid and logical pairings between hospitals and suppliers (Other hospitals, primary care, SME’s, Institutions).

Can You Help?
We want to understand your biggest needs in procurement regarding the current crisis. We are looking for feedback on our existing platform and how we can optimally design the platform. Our aim is to make rapid procurement, easy, intuitive and compatible with existing infrastructure.

Thanks and best regards,

Rufus Mitchell-Heggs
A Resource Sharing Platform

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