Example Problem: Coordination of intensive care patients


I write from Uniklinik Heidelberg. Our ICU is occupied. Recently five Corona patients needing intensive care arrived. Could you provide us with information about where to send them for intensive care?

It would be helpful if the locations are not too far away.

(A register for available places in ICU clinics can be found here https://www.divi.de/register/intensivregister)

NOTE: this is a fictitious example post, created to show how our platform can be used.

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I will have a look into that.
First I will check if a solution for this problem exists already.
If not (or not publicly available) I will first solve your concrete problem, but Ideally I could offer a small service online that makes this also available to other cases.

If anyone would like to help me build a web-GUI for my solution, please contact me here.
I will continue to update you on my progress.


Hi @jug ,

I’m happy to help with the web-GUI for available ICUs in the proximity.
How are you planning to implement this?
I’m not exactly a GUI programmer, but have some experience with stuff like R shiny.
I can also do some python, but my last experience with Django (a python web framework) is quite some years ago.

Let me know if I can help and if yes how!


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Cool… thanks a lot for reaching out… I will come back to you shortly!

Hi! This is a type of optimization problem right (from what I understand), best first search could be useful (?). If I can help, count on me.


If you have an algorithm ready and need a simple web page with a UI that allows you to enter your location and get up to date recommendations just let me know. I can build and deploy this relatively quickly :slight_smile: