Dataset of Infections in Germany (from RKI, updated daily)

In German, but here’s a translation of the attribute names.

IdBundesland    --  StateId
Bundesland      --  Federal State
Landkreis       --  District
Altersgruppe    --  Age group
Geschlecht      --  Sex
AnzahlFall      --  Number of cases
AnzahlTodesfall --  Number of deaths
ObjectId        --  ObjectId
Meldedatum      --  Date reported
Landkreis ID    --  District ID

Thanks to @manuelgr for pointing this out!


Great that you shared this! Thanks a lot.
This is inline with

I just had a look, the number of cases that my county yields in this is 67. That appears to be 2 days back. The city of Dresden reported 60 cases on Mar 19 and 97 cases on Mar 20 (yesterday). I’ll dig deeper to find out why these numbers don’t match.
Feel free to get the numbers of your city if possible and fork my repo. PRs are welcome and a csv file is all I need. :wink: No R skills required.

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Here’s a colab notebook for some basic GIS visualisations.

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