Dataset Annotation Services

Our company (Quality Match GmbH) can offer free dataset annotations (tags, detections, geometries), infrastructure for citizen science annotation projects and consulting on processes and dataset design. We also are in contact with a lot of annotation companies and can help putting you in touch.


Dear Daniel,
I’m Johannes and created this database of ~1700 solutions for COVID-19.
We manually extracted the entities in the database like project type and stage based on provided project descriptions and websites, but we could greatly benefit from automatic entity extraction (based on the scraped project pages), e.g. for taxonomies and tags. Would you be available for a chat?

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Dear Daniel,

I am leading a project at Factmata where we are currently building technology capable of detecting misinformation regarding COVID-19, with special attention to ‘harmful medical misinformation’. This will be turned into a public tool, free of use, for anyone to check and help stop the spread of potentially harmful information.

In order to be able to do so we are looking for volunteer annotators- preferably medical doctors, researchers, journalists and fact-checkers as we want our model to be built on the most highest quality and most reliable type of data.

If you can help us raise awareness in our need for annotators it would be of great help.

I have attached a screenshot of our announcement.

With best wishes,


Hi there! We can only annotate visual data, such as photos, or CT scans. These annotations are provided by laymen, so I don’t think we can really help here. Let me know if there is a way to label something visual with laymen though!