Critical Care Ventilator Project

A Princeton based initiative is currently looking for help with a ventilator based project. Especially the first part on the GUI and Raspberry Pi based might be a possibility for you @Programmers to help!
If you can help with one of the tasks, please contact the organizers and join one of their upcoming discord meetings (5pm ET on Tue Apr. 7 and Wed Apr. 8). If you know somebody who could help, please spread the word!

Below are quotes of the two twitter threads where Professor Sebastian Seung summarizes the requests and gives the contact information.

The first thread:

Calling all GUI wizards and Raspberry Pi gurus! Volunteer to write code that SAVES LIVES by joining @DJCohenEtAl // @Princeton
MAE team building critical care ventilator for COVID-19 patients. Please spread the word!
For rapid deployment, the device uses as many off-the-shelf parts as possible, and a few 3D printed adapters. The control software for the Raspberry Pi is moving along
What is missing is the GUI by which an ICU nurse or doctor can interface with the Pi. So the team needs GUI programmers and GUI designers, or even better people who can do both.
The team could also use help with the control software for the Pi, especially unit testing.
Email information about yourself (bio, resume, github, code sample) to, and ask questions about the project by online chat with the team at 5pm ET on Tue Apr. 7 and Wed Apr. 8
This project is crazy ambitious! They MUST finish in time for peak ventilator need in early May. The volunteer team is working around the clock. They are mostly mechanical engineers, and need software help from YOU.


The second thread:

Engineer or supply chain manager in medical dev industry? ICU nurse/doctor? Triage or field hospital manager? Volunteer to SAVE LIVES by advising @AndrewLeifer // @PrincetonPhys on ventilator monitoring for COVID-19. Spread the word!
Email information about yourself (intro, bio, resume, etc) to, and ask questions about the project by online chat with the team at 5pm ET on Tue Apr. 7 and Wed Apr. 8
They are building a remote monitoring station that displays info from 20 devices, for use with older model ventilators that lack monitors, CPAP helmets, modern ventilators split across patients, and DIY ventilators.
They need advice from flow sensor engineers at @sensirion @honeywell Siargo etc regarding measurements of PEEP, PIP, VT, VE, RR, I:E, …
Ventilator engineers at @Medtronic @Philips @SmithsMedical etc
Supply chain managers for medical device industry who can help with sourcing of flow sensors
Last but not least: potential users of the monitoring station such as respiratory therapist, ICU nurse, ICU doctor, triage manager, field hospital manager.