Coordination with COVID-related Hackathons

There are a lot of COVID-related hackathons going on right now (e.g. in Zurich there has been this one - also advertised here CodeVsCOVID19 - Online Hackathon - and there is another one coming up on 3-5 April). I think that these can yield a lot of valuable ideas, but I also see a risk that projects just die once the 72h of hackathon are over. Could data against COVID also be a platform to help carry on and scale up promising projects from hackathons? This would likely require contacting organizers beforehand and pointing them to this platform (which I could try for the one coming up in Zurich). Any opinions?


Thanks for bringing this up @johannes.bracher! I think it’s a good idea to present the winning solutions in our platform, given that we have a network of folks here who can make the right connections.

What do you think, @staff?

Sounds interesting. Do you have connections to either of them @johannes.bracher?

I don’t know the organizers in person, but I don’t think that’s necessary in order to reach out. I’ve been active in the Zurich Open Source / Data community for a few years (co-organizing the local R User Group), so I wouldn’t say I’m a complete newbie.

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Hi @johannes.bracher, it’d be awesome if you could get in touch with them! If you please, feel free to have us in cc:
Thank you!


I contacted them and they pointed me to a list of resources where I posted a short ad ( I don’t think it is very visible there. But I will participate myself in the hackathon, so I’ll see whether another opportunity of publicizing the platform comes up.


Hello :slight_smile:

I am writing to you as a hackathon organizer - I have been following this discourse and the general Crowdfight against Covid mailing list for the last weeks and I would be interested in seeing if and how a hackathon might be helpful to your efforts.

We also have an upcoming virtual conference, the CFP is here : - we are open to lightning talks about initiatives related to COVID, they don’t have to be about Python itself.

We’re based in Montreal and we are open to having international, volunteer speakers for the virtual conference. A possible format could be a 10-20 minute talk about how to bring people together in times of crisis - with excerpts from your experience with this group.

Please get in touch if you are interested in knowing more.

Take care, stay safe,