Community Wiki: Resources on Data Science (and friends) vs. COVID-19

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This is a curated wiki for data-science resources related to COVID-19 research. The goal is to have a fine-grained and structured categorisation, and to aggregate information from multiple existing lists where possible.

Feel invited to use this list to curate your own list. If you have suggestions for additions and improvement, please leave a comment for now (please include the category that you think is the best fit). Once we have enough entries, this wiki will be opened to the community to edit.

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The most complete source of information about initiatives regarding COVID-19 I have found online (yet):

Posting it here so that this aggregator gets more information on it, and not duplicated :slight_smile:

The only thing: i have yet to figure out to properly search it… will try emailing the team behind this effort and come back with an answer.


Thanks a lot for the info! I added it to the list.

Hi, we have a long list of resources on our lab github page:

Thanks! Added to the list.

You may be interested in adding a resource from our lab. This is public posting (as soon as we can get them up) of new COVID-19 susceptibility GWAS results. This includes from my group computing on the NIH BioWulf supercomputing cluster for new UK Biobank data releases, and from other sources that allow re-posting as we become aware of them.

We are adding a variety of SNP/gene annotations to new and past results on nearly a weekly basis. Coming very soon is Annovar, CADD, GWAS results (Ebi and GRASP) and eQTL results.

Feel free to spread widely - Andrew Johnson (@ADJOmics)