Anonymized Contact Tracing System for democratic societies

Hello. I came up with an idea about contact tracing system after had seen Singapore govt. solution(TraceTogether). So I want to share you all might need this kind of solution for infection suppression before testing. I posted on blog:

Scientific data used in the post comes from Japanese govt. epidemiologists team, so there is some differences from WHO or your scientists. But I believe the basic concept can be recycled to fit in your use.

There is 2 crucial differences from TraceTogether.

  1. Phone number is not needed
    You don’t need to give your phone number to the authorities. TraceTogether uses phone number to send notification to users who have close contacts with infected. But by using only public key, we can notify those people without using any private data like phone number. It also makes us possible to track down multi-step further to n-th generation of an infected without any private data. This will also reduce the cost of private data management by the authorities.

  2. Completely independent from the authorities
    Clients just download the notices(encrypted tokens) from and send their contact history to the server based on their policy. This also means clients and servers can be implemented independently if protocols are compatible. This gives the users full dignity of their own data without any negotiations to the authorities.

How do you think about the decency of this idea?

This should be separated into backend and frontend, so that the specialized frontends for all kinds of devices/preferences can be developed separately without shattering the database in the backend. My point is: People are going to haggle over how the GUI looks - let’s make sure there can be many frontends without endangering the project. (Ideally, the backend should attempt to be compatible with other trackers.)

I’m interested in writing some backend parts. Who’s interested in finding a nice API that hopefully makes sense?

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There’s a bunch of people working on something very much like this over at . Feel free to join!


I cannot create a slack account there:

If you have an email address, you can create an account.

Well, I have some German e-mail addresses available.

That is very strange. I had no such limitation when I signed up. Could you let me know whether you get around this and possibly share a screenshot of the problem? I will mention this on the slack in case something changed by accident.

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share a screenshot of the problem

Sure, here it is:

As you can see, the only way to get in is

  • Already have an account (I don’t have one)
  • Create an account (but I don’t have a address)

Note that German universities rarely use .edu, so extending the slack instance to all .edu addresses would not solve the problem for me.

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I’ve posted this in the slack and will let you know if I get an answer about this.

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This must be the entrance for that community. I need to sign up before going slack. Thank you for the information.

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