Anonymization of COVID Patient-Data from LEOSS

Hi people!

As you know we at LEOSS (Lean European Open Survey on SARS-CoV-2 Infected Patients, think of you guys here at data-against-covid as our collaborators.

More and more cases are documented and we will soon publish our first data sets. It is crucial to ensure anonymity of the reported cases (e.g. by shuffling the order of cases, dropping postal codes, dropping some unique fields etc.) LEOSS is already build in a way that anonymity is basically the default, but we need to double check this.

Anyone interested in supporting our team on how to best achieve automatic anonymization of our data set? Feel free to reach out to us via



I went over volunteer-data-scientist-please-introduce-yourself and looked for user who might have experience with data anonymization based on their introduction. The following users (in order of their introduction post) might be able to help:

This list is most likely not complete :slight_smile:


Fantastic, thank you @tibuch!

Thanks for reaching out @schonsma. I’ve forwarded your request to our specialist in differential privacy, she may reach out here or to you directly.

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Excellent! Thank you so much!


Hi @schonsma ,

In this problem, anonymity can be accomplished with some data processing. I am guessing these are already pre-processed raw data, so it should be pretty easy to label them in a separate class scheme and remove some identity fields. However, if it is a must to measure the anonymity, more complex anonymization technique can be adopted. Let me know whether I can help directly.


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Sure, shoot us an email and we will get in contact with you :slight_smile:

Hi, I’d love to volunteer on this. I’m currently as masters degree in Data Science and also I have some experience on differential privacy and privacy-by-design.

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I can also help here. I will reach out directly, but let me know if there is still work to be done.

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Wow, LEOSS looks like a great initiative! I wonder if there’s anything like that happening in the U.S. and if not, could we join with what LEOSS is doing? Also, maybe these questions are already asked, but what about these- Did you take any OTC meds (and if so, which ones)? Any prescription meds currently taking? History of alcohol/ drug use? Family history of diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease? Daily lifestyle (e.g. exercise)? Herbal supplements or teas consumed (I’ve seen some evidence including a published article that certain herbs, being used in China, have been shown to reduce severity and/or prevent viral infection). I wish I had more time and more expertise to help with this effort.

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