Analysis of China's vs. Italy's lockdown

Has anyone analyzed China’s vs. Italy’s lockdown? Are there any differences that stand out? If so, the rest of the world could learn from this. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is Italy’s trajectory of new cases “worse” than China’s after lockdown? Is it because they shut down at a later point than China, or is there something about their lockdown that is not working? Maybe the first step is to analyze the timing of the lockdowns and then examine the trajectories after that. It may be too late for the US but maybe we can at least fine-tune our lockdown at this point, based on what has worked in China.

This, not peer-reviewed, study states that centralized quarantine could have played a central role.

Discussed in this opinion piece by the Guardian.


The presentation of the paper by Xihong Lin


Wow, this was a great presentation! Thanks so much. I was shocked to see that the virus can be transmitted through hair and eyelashes. I hope healthcare workers in the US are aware of this and wearing proper protective gear. I know there is a mask shortage, but I haven’t heard much about covering even the hair and eyes! I also wonder hope that the lockdown in the US is as effective, though seemingly less strict, as China’s.

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Thanks, that was a great presentation. She also gave a similar talk for the Broad institute. Her slides are available here. The video of that talk is available via youtube.