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I have data and/or an analysis problem...

Post here whatever data and/or analysis problem you have.
Try to be clear, maybe its better to capture the big picture, details can follow once volunteers become interested.
Thanks a lot!

COVID-19 Portal

EMBL-EBI together with European Commission and ELIXIR have launched the COVID-19 Data Portal in April 2020. It is a real powerhouse, connecting data providers with data consumers to rapidly access COVID-19 related data. The Data Portal will bring together and continuously update relevant COVID-19 datasets and tools, host sequence data sharing, facilitate access to other SARS-CoV-2 resources, and help accelerate the development of diagnostics, treatment and vaccines. This category will host the discussion of the COVID-19 Data Portal and its contents.

Other COVID resources

Links and notes to resources relevant for our mission against Covid-19. Please add more, so we can reach out and join forces!

I have data science skills...

Present yourself and your skillsets here – data and problem providers can then find adequately skilled people in one place.

I have programming skills...

I’m a programmer or research software engineer, I’m happy to help creating reusable solutions, GUIs, etc…

I have lab skills...

If you know your biology, virology, etc. – for sure there will be many questions to answer. Thanks for helping us out!

I have legal skills...

If you have a law background, are a data security or data sharing expert. We are grateful for your help!

Anonymizing my data

You have data to share that can be used to help? You have question about how to do so? This is your category!

I am working on...

People all around the world are coming up with creative solutions to every new problem the virus throws at us. Use this category to inspire us by sharing what you’re working on. After all, a crisis brings out the best in us.

Meta Discussions

A place to discuss the forum itself, the way we guide our users, provide data, offer services and solutions. If you see problems, please let us know. If you have ideas to improve the status-quo, please post them!